what really inspires me


ellensdiplomatico Yes, yes, yes, I’m a big fan of espresso….  Diplomatico in Toronto is one of my all time faves…. but there are many cafes than can serve up those delicious velvet, bitter shots and help give a great start to the day.

perfectmacchiatoAbove, from left – Toronto’s Diplomatico, San Anselmo’s Roasters, Sydney, Nova Scotia (don’t remember this fabulous cafe’s name), Sausalito’s Divino (they’re grrrrreat!), and espresso with butter tart in Charlottetown, PEI. And here’s a macchiato from this afternoon – the best.

It’s truly the small things in life….

elegant, safari!

topsiteswithinasiteThe new Top Sites view that the latest Safari browser shows makes for an interesting layout. I like the three-dimensionality of it. Looking at it makes me want to “design it”, i.e. place pages, and create a little movie showing my work. I especially like the reflection at bottom. (Empty cell at bottom’s for a new website just for you!) Just updated – to have this site within a site….

floral inspiration

This Geogia O’Keefe painting is at the SFMOMA right now. Her vivid flowers, her gentle landscapes, her colors, the vibrancy…

It makes me want to get painting again now! no excuses! (like where to set up the easel, how to not make a mess, where to store the canvases, blah, blah blah)

Also makes me think of taking a trip out to New Mexico – to Abiquiu… drove through there once – so beautiful. Maybe one day I’ll sign up for an art class there…. there’s an idea.

eye on the street

eyeonthestreetOne of the many amazing images that came to life over the weekend, at the San Rafael Italian Street Painting Festival. It’s a privelege to be able to watch these many artists at work. Thank you, and thanks to the City of San Rafael.

plainpaper studio


Wonderful to work with Anna Ullrich and her art to design this card for her art show opening tomorrow night at Plainpaper Studio, in Berkeley. Her work is inspirational, making me want to create some new pieces of my own.

branded environments – the tea spa

tea-spaI created these logos and posters for a Branded Environments class I took with the Art Center College of Design. Great class. Would love to have this company exist in real life – the Tea Spa – a place to go to, beautiful and serene, with delicious and soothing teas, an unassumingly posh atmosphere, maybe a hot tub nearby…. a girl can dream.

doorways – the evolution of a blog banner

beautiful chihuly & dizzying disney

It’s definitely worth seeing the Chihuly at the de Young in San Francisco. It’s closing soon – and I’m so glad I got to see these pieces. My friend Max reminded me… for anyone who can make it on Saturday September 27, I understand that the newly rebuilt Academy of Sciences, across the way in Golden Gate park will be open and free to the public. Check out http://www.calacademy.org/.

And I finally got to the Disney Concert Hall in LA – my first Gehry – just gorgeous. I recommend the audio tour of the building and grounds – fun and informative. The sweeping curves, inside and out, the various materials – some surprising –  work so well in this magnificent structure that evokes the sails of a tall ship.

I really like this mosaic fountain dedicated to Lillian Disney by Frank Gehry. According to the audio tour,  brand new Delft china was smashed to create this, as they couldn’t locate the “cheap stuff.” Hmmmmm. It’s outside in the garden area, on an upper floor – the outdoor space is really quite interesting, with nice sitting areas, shady trees, interesting plants, and more wavy walls. I’d like to see a performance in the community-oriented amphitheater sometime.

cool user interface for print layout – thanks PSPrint

I just received the new summer schedule for classes at Turtle Island Yoga back from the printer. Great results from PSPrint, very reasonably priced, and local, in nearby Oakland.

And I LOVE this 3-D front/back image of the card used for approval purposes – couldn’t be clearer in making sure the job’s arranged right, centered, etc. Thank you PSPrint for your groovy user interface!

latest libeskind & buff bikers

I visited the brand new Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco yesterday. Nicely done. (So much nicer than Libeskind’s Toronto ROM addition…. what a relief!). Great William Steig collection. And a “yod” room – what a delight! …. they’ve started to get some hebrew letter musical presentations together. Interesting concept. It would be fun to hold an Otiyot Chayyot class in there sometime! (Hebrew letter body movements, loosely based on Tai Chi). I only wish the museum curators would be more careful with their explanations…. with typos in the hebrew/english translation – can’t they find someone (me!) to proofread this stuff?

I’m including another photo here, you might have to look carefully… there was a mostly-nude biking group heading down mission street and into Yerba Buena Gardens…. a kind of surprising scene – as interesting to watch bystanders’ expressions as the bikers…. not sure what point they were trying to make, but as a performance piece, since for me it was an art outing, it was perfect.