espresso yourself!

Turns out I take a lot of shots of a lot of shots. Some of these found their way to this new greeting card with more on the way. As I was downloading all the various photos to choose from, I realized that photographing my coffee is one of the ways I espresso myself.Espresso Yourself

new site in developoment

And this time it’s mine! at long last…. get ready for a new look! Check out – here’s a sneak preview:

home page graphic 4wdesign

A Sweet New Year!

Shana Tova from 4wdesign

In time for Rosh Hashana – the Jewish new year, a new design for a Rosh Hashana greeting card. Nothing like apples, honey, and a shofar blast to start the new year! Sweet nourishment, and then the shofar — calling for awakening, reflection, and spiritual regeneration.

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how to celebrate a woman’s birthday, mothers day….

How to celebrate a woman's birthday, mother's day, or other special eventThis card’s fresh from the press… ready to sell in stores and online! The definitive guide to how to celebrate a woman’s birthday, mother’s day, anniversary, or other special event… finally!

It’s the first in a line of self-help greeting cards. Will link to online cardstore as soon as it’s ready. Stay tuned!

draidls, caneidls, and latkes, oh my!

Time for a Chanukah post – the holiday starts tonight! Better get cracking on a new design. Ideas, anyone? Latke-land? Light in the darkness? Draidl draidl draidl? Stay tuned. In the meantime, I’ll post this special Chanukah zebra that a friend had forwarded to me.

And here we go: my Grandmother’s Latke recipe, on my Chanukah latke cards.

…. Happy Chanukah!

the sound of the shofar – le’shona tova

May the blast of the shofar bring with it a calling to consciousness, and a sense of cleansing, purifying, cleaning out – a readiness to move forward into the fresh new year.

Shana – Year – is related to the Hebrew word for change.
Chodesh – the word for month – is related to the Hebrew word chadash, new.

Even the word shniya, second, is related to shana, year, and change. We have the opportunity for change with each year, with each month, and even with each second.
May the blast of the shofar bring positive change.

Wishing everyone a sweet new year,

Ellen Tobe

a flourishing new year!


matzah, anyone?



How is it possible that Passover is upon us already?

I created these Passover illustrations for some greeting cards a while back. Matzah does make for some fun doodling. Surprisingly.

le’shona tova tikatevu vetechatemu

shavuot – a new graphic for this holiday, while I work on some Judaica designs