virtual desktop branding

daad-web5 daad-bizcardDesktop at a Distance, a technology solutions company that deals with virtual desktop computing, had me design their graphics, starting with brand, leading to  logo, business stationery, and various collateral

I’ve also created a company website, and have adapted their logo and look to work successfully with  a variety of additional media, including power point presentations, and the credit card at right.

secret site

secrets I’ve had the pleasure of creating a new site for a wisdom school retreat, part of the Ruach Ha’Aretz offerings, this program taught by Rabbi Nadya Gross. Looks like a fascinating retreat!

focus on san rafael – winter 2009

sanrafaelfocusp1Here are a couple of pages from the City of San Rafael’s Winter 2009 Focus magazine – fresh off the presses.

I’ve been enjoying designing this newsletter for the past couple of years; it’s good to be involved with this outreach to my local community. And it’s good to know what’s going on in City Hall. The full newsletter can be downloaded here.

sanrafaelfocusp4This job involves working with existing images and photos, creating new graphics as needed, working on a tight timetable with the city manager’s office, helping them hone the pieces for proper length, editing where needed, with the goal of designing a newsletter that people will actually want to pick up and read.

Apparently this current version is a hit, with  Mayor Al Boro’s feedback: “Congratulations! Best Focus magazine yet.” Woo hoo!

customscalesInteresting to learn about events such as the library centennial celebration, what the city budget actually is, and how it’s used, learning about “green” initiatives – it all gives me a better appreciation for my little town.