le’shona tova tikatevu vetechatemu

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new branches for ruach ha’aretz

Ruach Ha’Aretz, which has become ALEPH‘s Mobile Retreat Center, has been keeping me busy lately with unique and interesting work. This is an expanding organization, with an expanding website, currently represented by branches on a tree. The newest branch, about to issue forth from this spirited tree is the Graceful Transitions site, a new program for training clergy, medical staff, and others on the skills needed to be a compassionate companion to those living with life-limiting illness, as well as the friends and family on the sidelines and providing support.

This Ruach tree is organic, changing as new programs are added.

beautiful chihuly & dizzying disney

It’s definitely worth seeing the Chihuly at the de Young in San Francisco. It’s closing soon – and I’m so glad I got to see these pieces. My friend Max reminded me… for anyone who can make it on Saturday September 27, I understand that the newly rebuilt Academy of Sciences, across the way in Golden Gate park will be open and free to the public. Check out http://www.calacademy.org/.

And I finally got to the Disney Concert Hall in LA – my first Gehry – just gorgeous. I recommend the audio tour of the building and grounds – fun and informative. The sweeping curves, inside and out, the various materials – some surprising –  work so well in this magnificent structure that evokes the sails of a tall ship.

I really like this mosaic fountain dedicated to Lillian Disney by Frank Gehry. According to the audio tour,  brand new Delft china was smashed to create this, as they couldn’t locate the “cheap stuff.” Hmmmmm. It’s outside in the garden area, on an upper floor – the outdoor space is really quite interesting, with nice sitting areas, shady trees, interesting plants, and more wavy walls. I’d like to see a performance in the community-oriented amphitheater sometime.

graceful transitions