jacques brel is alive and well & living in marin

I just saw the most wonderful performance of Jacques Brel is Alive & Well and Living in Paris at the Marin Theater Company, in Mill Valley. I highly recommend this fantastic production. The singers/actors did a fantastic job of conveying the depth of emotion inherent in Brel’s songs, in virtuoso performances.

Since this is a design-oriented blog, I’ll make a note here about the great graphics the Marin Theater Company uses for the posters – on a very consistent basis, for example, their current season, here. They always have spot-on graphics – both appropriate to the content, and tremendously attractive – these have been an ongoing inspiration. This production took me back to my youth in Toronto, where I was first exposed to this wonderful music, thanks to my parents – when this music was first introduced to the English-speaking world.

yoga design

I’ve been creating graphics for my local yoga studio, turtle island yoga, for years – and thought I’d include some images here, for example, the recent schedule. And a series of ads I did a while back for Yogi Times.

the successful nature of failure

That’s the surprising title of a new DVD – a film featuring Rabbi Gershon Winkler and Ravi Miriam Maron – whose wrap I had the pleasure of designing very recently. What fun it was to see this for sale at Reb Gershon’s recent teaching at Chochmat Halev, along with his new book, The Judeo-Christian Fiction, which I assisted in preparation for publication on lulu.com, and Miriam’s newest CD…. so much fun to see my work out “there,” in the real world, i.e. outside of my computer monitor and studio walls. Reb Gershon’s teachings and schedule can be found at walkingstick.org, along with his many, many books and CD’s. It’s an honor to be involved in the design and production of Gershon and Miriam’s deeply thoughtful and evocative work.

more images from israel

cool graphics from 1948

I’ve just returned from travelling in Israel …. and have started to post travel journal entries at http://elleninisrael.wordpress.com/. I have alot to fill in there, but in the meantime, that’s some of what I’m up to. Photos from the trip can be seen at http://picasaweb.google.com/eftobe/May08Trip. I think it’s best to view as a slide show with a very short interval since there are so many photos.

I visited the Mishkan le’Omanut on beautiful Kibbutz Ein Harod – a terrific art museum – and a wonderful kibbutz. The Mishkan always has great exhibitions. One which I particularly enjoyed was a collection of paintings and graphics from 1948, the year of Israel’s independence. Some of the pieces are shown above.

I was priveleged to be able to spend Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’Atzma’ut on Kibbutz Ein Harod Me’uachad, where I visited friends. To give an idea of the beautiful surroundings, overlooking the Jezre’el valley and Mount Gilboa, I’ll include a few shots here: