inspiration is all around

pacifico.jpgPeople sometimes ask me how I became a graphic designer, as I started my professional life out as a product development engineer. It’s not that big a stretch – both can be quite creative, and it’s been the design and creative aspects of engineering, particularly the R&D that kept me interested. I’ve always been into design… it’s all around us, for example in this Pacifico beer label… and the beer’s fine too.

beautifulsky.jpgAnd then there’s the infinite inspiration from mother nature… the amazing designs and patterns, the color schemes, texture juxtapositions, both the randomness and the mathematical precision… the design of scale, those perfect gradients, aka sunsets…


From a very young age, my biggest inspiration has been my cousin Barry… words cannot describe his talent, so check out his website.

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  1. Hi El – thanks for directing me to your blog. Interesting stuff!

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