spirited work

ruachhaaretzposter-small.jpgI’ve been doing onworking design work – posters, brochures, ads, and website for Ruach Ha’Aretz, a Jewish Renewal organization, and now Aleph’s mobile retreat center, which coordinates a week-long retreat that happens every two years somewhere in the western U.S., this year in eagle-crest resort, in Oregon.

We’ve been developing the Ruach Ha’Aretz look over the past decade or so, and it’s been alot of fun working with the wide variety of material.

“Ruach Ha’Aretz” is hebrew for “spirit of the earth.”


These folks are keeping me busy, as they’ve got all kinds of interesting programs in process, more added all the time.

To the right is the brochure for the upcoming retreat.

Below is the new Sage-ing brochure, barely on the presses… The Sage-ing program helps to learn about about one’s own Soul’s journey and how to guide others with their process. 

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